Trends: what wallpaper to choose for walls in 2024

wallpaper trends 2024The main message of fashionable interior trends in 2024 is no monotony! Designers offer customers hundreds of interesting and original solutions for wall decoration. We will talk about the most current trends in the wallpaper world this year 2024 in this article.

Flora and faunawallpaper trends 2024

Natural motifs began to conquer the minds of designers a few years ago. Last year, the main discovery of the wallpaper world was animalistic scenes.

Exotic animals and birds began to actively “penetrate” the walls of fashionable interiors. They didn’t stop in 2024 either. The new season has released hunting tigers, carefree monkeys, frisky mountain goats and beautiful tropical birds on the wallpaper.

Designers place trendy patterns on dark backgrounds or combine them with no less exotic floral prints. Among the current subjects are oriental ones with Japanese cranes and blossoming plums, birds of paradise on blossoming peonies.

For those who do not want too active exotics in the interior, designers suggest paying attention to unobtrusive forest prints. They help to create a calm, serene atmosphere in the house. Such wallpapers do not require any additional accents, their texture is interesting and attractive in itself.

Panoramaswallpaper trends 2024

When the views outside the window are not conducive to contemplation, the right wall decor comes to the rescue. Wallpaper with panoramic scenes help to visually expand the space, pushing the boundaries of the room. This is perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to correct the features of small rooms.

Panoramas can photographically reproduce some pleasant scenes: for example, seascapes, images of city streets, scenes from the life of animals. But this year, the trend is species engravings, more reminiscent of illustrations of old books. Such canvases create a special nostalgic atmosphere, but at the same time they look very modern and stylish.

Optical illusionswallpaper trends 2024

An interior that is unique in every way is easy to create if you use printed wallpapers for wall decoration that create interesting visual effects. Usually such canvases adorn abstract compositions – voluminous, leading the eye deep. The print may consist of repeating geometric shapes, intersecting lines, color transitions, 3-D drawings.

When choosing canvases with optical illusions for walls, be careful. Excessively active stories only at first glance look attractive and unusual. If such pictures are in front of the eyes for a long time, they can cause unpleasant visual sensations, cause headaches, irritability, and increased fatigue.

Imitationswallpaper trends 2024

Not only wallpaper designs are of interest to designers in the new season. Experts pay special attention to the texture and texture of the paintings. Walls imitating concrete, brick, plastered surfaces fit perfectly into many modern interior concepts. Their design makes any minimalist interior more complex and expressive.

For classic, retro, scandi style, “urban” textures are not suitable, but for these areas you can choose interesting and pleasant to the touch canvases: for example, textile, silk, linen or woolen wallpapers.

Ecotrendwallpaper trends 2024

In addition to tactility, the focus of designers today is the environmental safety of wall decoration. For the design of stylish interiors, it is recommended to use natural canvases. The favorites are bamboo and hemp wallpapers, as well as cork, jute and cotton canvases. In 2024, handmade wallpapers are also gaining popularity. This is a rather expensive type of finishing materials, but it makes the interior truly exclusive.

Ecotrend is not even a stylistic direction, it is a real way of life. It goes well with the ideas of minimalism, harmoniously fits into Scandinavian and ethnic interiors, and can perfectly support the retro style. When choosing eco-wallpaper for walls, it is worth trying to ensure that the rest of the decor of the room matches this stylistic direction. In such an interior, furniture made from natural materials, natural textiles, ceramics, and living plants will look good.

Retrowallpaper trends 2024

From season to season, fashion brings back the relevance of one or more bygone eras. In 2024, the trend is the geometry of the 60-70s of the last century. These are three-dimensional ornaments with special dynamics and elegance.

If the 20th century required contrasts and experiments, then in the 21st century fashion is more restrained. For wall decoration, complex shapes, broken lines, voluminous figures are offered, but their design is made mainly in calm deep shades: brown, mustard, grassy green, gray, brick.

Chic and glamourwallpaper trends 2024

This year, Art Deco is back in fashion – a brilliant style of the beginning of the last century. This bright design direction is attractive for its sophistication and diversity.

Choose one of the following wallpaper options to decorate your walls to match the Art Deco style:

  • With complex geometric patterns. It is desirable that the pattern and background be contrasting in color.
  • With abstract compositions in bold shades of red, pink, gold, black.
  • With a small repeating pattern of ethnic themes.

The only limit to choosing Art Deco wallpapers is your own imagination. Just try not to overload the interior with overly active prints and color palettes, so that over time it does not become a source of irritation and fatigue for you.

The fashion trends of the new season do not put us in a rigid framework. They combine restraint and craving for experiments, softness and self-sufficiency, simplicity and individuality. When choosing wallpaper for your home, do not rely solely on the recommendations of modern designers. First of all, focus on your own taste and ideas about coziness and comfort.

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