Dream Home Design Ideas

Dream Home Design IdeasWhat does the “dream home” look like? There is no one particular option that will appeal to everyone without exception. Each person represents it in his own way, trying to realize all his ideas.

As a rule, first of all, people think about the location of their ideal home. Most often, the coast of the sea, picturesque mountains or a dense forest are mentioned near the “dream home”. For some, the country, city or even area where a person would like to build his “fortress” is important.

However, in all cases, when it comes to the most important thing, when you need to find the answer to the question: “What does the house of your dreams look like?”, There is a lot of doubt, uncertainty and confusion.

What is a “dream home”

This is a house in which it is very pleasant to be, you really want to return and do not want to leave. “Dream home” fully reflects the essence of its owners, is their continuation, protects and supports them, gives them strength and energy. It has a soul and a heart. He is alive”!

The recipe for a dream home

Theoretically, everything is very simple:

  1. We take our desires, inspiration and energy.
  2. Mix them thoroughly, remove the excess.
  3. Adding “breath” to the space.
  4. We mix the resulting mixture with your unique style, acceptable colors.
  5. We decorate with useful and at the same time comfortable details.

Voila! Dream home is ready! How can this be achieved in practice?

Step by step guide to building your dream home

The first stage – We dream, we invent our own houseDream Home Design Ideas

No professional will be able to design the perfect home design for you without your precise instructions. You need to prepare in advance for a meeting with a specialist designer to provide him with a list of what you want to see in your new built modern home.

To do this, first of all, you need to discuss in the family the desires and expectations about the house that each member has. Be sure to find out from your partner and other family members how they imagine the new house and life in it. If some “visions” contradict each other, you should find common ground at this stage. This will avoid scandals and dissatisfaction with the building in the future.

The second stage – we discuss the style of the house and the color scheme

Why do you need a style in the house at all? Needed! In private housing construction, the style of the house determines literally everything: the exterior (appearance) of the building, the type of buildings on the site and landscape design, interior design. Style reflects the worldview of the owners and can tell a lot about the owners of the house. So far in Russia, only a few can boast of houses with individuality. The majority, it seems, did not have a hand in a qualified architect. They are so monotonous, if not faceless.

Consider the most popular style trends of recent years.

ClassicDream Home Design Ideas

Everything is still in first place. Classical architecture is out of fashion, it always looks dignified and attractive.

MinimalismDream Home Design Ideas

This direction will interest those who are prone to asceticism, simplicity and functionality.

ModernDream Home Design Ideas

This style is characterized by ornate lines, asymmetry, a lot of natural light, etc.


Dream Home Design Ideas

This is the style of the industrial time. He brought the idea of the functionality and form of industrial buildings into the living space.

Scandinavian styleDream Home Design Ideas

The main features of this style are compactness, spaciousness, a discreet and at the same time not boring facade, as well as large windows and a porch with a wooden porch.

FachwerkDream Home Design Ideas

A characteristic feature of this style is wooden beams, which perform not only an aesthetic function, but also the role of a frame.

BarnhausDream Home Design Ideas

In Russian realities, it is still considered an innovation, but it is rapidly gaining popularity due to the combination of the best modern trends in design and comfortable functionality of the living space. Barn – translated from English means barn or shed. The classic Barn house is a primitive rectangle in the perimeter without any additional outbuildings and frills.

“Green” house / EcohouseDream Home Design Ideas

What is an eco-house? Most often, this is what energy efficient houses are called , which are created from the safest materials. Such a house can be equipped with its own hydro and power plant, wind generators or solar panels. Eco-house is not just a building, it is a philosophy and lifestyle. The desire to take care of nature, to create a safe place for yourself and your children to live.

House on wheelsDream Home Design Ideas

It is difficult to imagine more independent housing. A dream home of this kind is perfect for those who like to travel and not stay in one place for too long.

If we talk about the style of the house inside, then each interior style is a ready-made template, it has already been worked out for you. This is a ready-made plan for action, regarding the choice of furniture, finishing materials, colors, textiles… You don’t have to invent, rack your brains and invent something. In any case, it will turn out very organically.

To feel as calm, confident and relaxed as possible in the house, think about color shades:

  • lavender shades soothe, set up for rest or sleep;
  • mints demonstrate freedom, inspire confidence;
  • sunny tones give joy, good mood and cheerfulness.

The third stage – we think about the size and shape of the roomsDream Home Design Ideas

In the family circle, we discuss the dimensions of each room.

  • Someone likes large spaces so that you can fit everything you need in the room, as well as invite friends and have a party.
  • Others feel comfortable in a small room where it is enough to reach out to reach the right thing.
  • Some prefer the “golden mean” – a medium-sized room.

It is also important to discuss in advance what shape this or that room will be. The most preferred options are square, rectangle. According to psychologists, beveled corners, as well as the presence of a large number of zigzags, openings, passages, etc. on a subconscious level in a person create a feeling of insecurity, loss and gradually worsen mood. In addition, narrow and long rooms associated with a train or other public places are not very popular.

  • Try to find harmony in the combination of openings, windows and walls in each room.
  • Imagine if it would be convenient for you to move around such a house.
  • Check out the sketches of old and modern apartments and estates. Get ideas from them. For most, the main source of ideas and inspiration has been and remains Pinterest .

Make a sketch of the future housing and discuss every corner, passage, opening, niche with your household. Today, the trend is a combination of simplicity and comfort.

The fourth stage – we think over the interiorDream Home Design Ideas

The simpler the interior, the easier it is to decorate and change depending on the mood, season and momentary desires. Good ideas can be found on the Internet, again on Pinterest .

You can completely copy the option you like, or compose it from several ideas (eclecticism). It would be nice to make an additional contribution, to show your own creativity.

Feelings of a pleasant stay in the house are created by such simple moments as:

  • correct, comfortable temperature conditions all year round;
  • fresh and clean air;
  • correct air humidity;
  • the absence of chemical odors and the presence of pleasant natural aromas;
  • proper lighting at different times of the day;
  • silence in the house, etc.

Do not underestimate the importance of tastefully selected furniture, a fireplace with artificial or live fire, etc. It is these elements that create coziness and comfort in the house.

Thus, during the creation, design of the “dream home”, it is necessary to think over the design and layout so that future housing does not require constant repairs. A house that needs to be refurbished almost every year can be pretty quick to hate.

And what kind of house do you draw in your imagination when you close your eyes?

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