Dining Room Design: Current Trends

Dining Room Design TrendsRomantic dinners, family meals, gatherings with friends, board games, important negotiations – all these events are united by a table, and, as a rule, a dining one. The dining area is the emotional center of the whole interior, and its design can emphasize this. We tell you how to decorate the dining room according to modern trends.

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The dining area can be a separate room, an extension of the kitchen, or an “island” between the kitchen and the living room in an open plan. In each of these cases, it requires a separate lighting scenario. Even if it seems that the general light in the room is enough, do not neglect the lamp above the dining table.

Flowering walls, soaring birds, brutal concrete, noble marble, wiser toilet bowls and palace chandeliers – all this is in our selection of bathroom trends.

A group of lighting fixtures, a chandelier or a colorful single lamp on a low suspension can take on all the decorative load. Oversized spectacular models are in trend.

Spherical lamps harmoniously look above the round tabletops, but it is not necessary to repeat the shape of the table to the lamp, the main thing is that it is proportionate to the tabletop and hung at the correct height .

Not only the shape of the ceiling is responsible for aesthetics, but also the light itself, which will work like a theatrical spotlight, snatching the scene from the twilight. To prevent the spotlight from being blinding, choose warm, not too bright lighting, reminiscent of the live fire of candles. Such light will create a chamber atmosphere, the food on the plates will look more appetizing, and the faces of those gathered at the table will be more expressive. A good idea is lamps that allow you to adjust the intensity of light: bright light for a family feast, subdued for an evening for two.

Beauty under your feetDining Room Design Trends

The main focus may not be at the top, but under your feet. Decoratively reinforce the lower part of the dining room with an expressive carpet with an active pattern. Carpet can also serve as a simple zoning tool to highlight a dining group in a European layout where the kitchen, living room and dining room share one room.

Another way to draw attention to what is under the table is the table itself, or rather its sculpted base – a trendy alternative to the traditional four legs.

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A promising candidate for the role of the protagonist in the design of the dining room is an accent wall. The accent can be made due to a contrasting color or an expressive pattern on the wallpaper. If there is no window in the dining room, a framed landscape or trendy landscape panels will be a good solution to help visually open the wall.

The mirror will cope with this task no worse , which, moreover, will beautifully reflect and multiply the light of a dining lamp or candles lit on a special occasion.

Motley companyDining Room Design Trends

Gathering assorted chairs around the dining table is not a new, but a relevant design technique that has taken root well on the basis of the modern trend to “collect” the interior from elements of various styles.

Different chairs at the same table take the interior away from austerity and conservatism, giving it a bohemian informal atmosphere. You can safely combine: famous designer models and Soviet vintage, solid classics and plastic from the mass market.

Chairs can be combined not only with their counterparts, but also with a bench. If they look like they happened to be nearby, then the dining room is in trend.

If too sharp contrasts are not to your liking, collect chairs that have something in common. You can unite a multi-legged company due to a single color or material. Chairs of different shapes and styles can be painted in the same shade or related with the same upholstery. If you prefer a more delicate approach, gather at the table models from the same series, but in different colors.

In their bowlsDining Room Design Trends

This is how walls were decorated in ancient Greece. This decorative technique returned from the past is gaining popularity again in eclectic interiors.

Plates can be ceramic or wicker. Combine different shapes, sizes and ornaments, and boldly combine with other art objects: photographs, macrame, masks, intricate forged hooks, posters and traditional paintings.

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