Bathroom Design Trends 2024: Plumbing and Lighting

Modern fashion no longer seeks to shock its viewers with something extraordinary and difficult to apply in everyday life. Recent trends, on the contrary, call for awareness and the search for balance in all areas of life, including the organization of the space around you.

We will tell you in this article how bathroom design trends 2024 can be used when updating the bathroom interior.

Focus on hygieneBathroom Design Trends 2024

With the advent of the pandemic and the restrictions associated with it, we began to spend much more time at home. This made many take a fresh look at the organization of life, including hygiene issues. This trend was quickly adopted by many plumbing brands.

Some companies began to actively improve the technology and design of their products, increasing their hygiene, others began to draw the attention of consumers to the already existing advantages of their products in the field of hygiene and safety for health.

For example, a Turkish company Good offers customers a hanging rimless toilet model Mineral. Its bowl does not have a cornice, under which mud deposits and bacteria can accumulate. The perfectly smooth bowl is easy to care for, and the hanging installation of the toilet allows you to effortlessly maintain the perfect cleanliness of the floor in the bathroom.

In the arsenal of many plumbing brands – innovative development of special coatings for sanitary equipment, ensuring cleanliness, safety and easy care of surfaces. Models with such coatings can be found in the series Friendly Turkish brand Serel, Berg- German brand Paulmark, Techno- Russian brand “Color and Style”.

Balance of rationality and comfortBathroom Design Trends 2024

Designers continue to actively promote the ideas of minimalism to the masses: when every thing that enters the home space must work out its presence 100% and at the same time serve the overall concept of the interior. It should take only its specific place in the room, complementing and supporting the rest of the interior content.

New bathroom furnishing solutions are distinguished not only and not so much by visual appeal as by practicality, as well as ease of installation and operation.

Company Rocahas developed a collection for connoisseurs of minimalism in everyday life Gap. All of its models are distinguished by laconic design and high functionality. The invisibility of sanitary equipment, combined with its perfect ergonomics, allows you to rationally equip the bathroom space without cluttering or overloading it with details. At the same time, the external appearance of plumbing is not devoid of individuality, thanks to which it looks stylish and elegant in the interior.

Decor in blackBathroom Design Trends 2024

Monochrome interiors have not gone out of fashion for several years. Only the base color changes from season to season. In 2024, designers offer to appreciate the magnificent black.

In black, walls and floors can be finished, or you can pick up plumbing fixtures and accessories in this noble shade for the bathroom.

The Russian brand Melana offers stylish interiors for modern matt faience wash basins. The matte surface looks stylish and expensive, in addition, pollution is less noticeable on it than on glossy.

To keep the interior in a single color scheme, choose a black screen for the bath. You can find this one, for example, in the assortment of the Russian brand Beauty.

Return of goldBathroom Design Trends 2024

Some trends may go into the shadow of others for a while, but then they come back to us with renewed vigor. This happened in the new season, for example, with gold. Designers have brought such elements back into bathroom design as accents for intricately decorated spaces.

Plumbing and accessories in shades of gold are perfectly combined with white gloss, marble, as well as retro motifs. If a golden bathtub or a sink seems too pretentious to you, you can limit yourself to installing a faucet in a trendy gold hue on white plumbing. Such options are in the collections of many brands: for example, the model Cloud from Russian Iddis, Paini Ladyfrom Italian Paini, Margotfrom Italian Cezares.

An excellent addition to such an interior would be a mirror with a built-in “golden” backlight – for example,model DL18543from the Italian brand Donolux.

Free standing bathBathroom Design Trends 2024

The absolute bathroom trend of 2024 is a separate tub. She does not hide modestly in the corner of the room, but occupies a central place in it. Designers suggest choosing not just a classic bathtub for a fashionable interior, but a font with elements of sculptural decor: graceful legs, an elegant faucet, interestingly designed other plumbing elements. These models are available Italian brand Bel Bagno.

Pure lightBathroom Design Trends 2024

The current bathroom interior in 2024 cannot do without high-quality and multifunctional lighting. Even if the room has a very small area, in addition to the main light source, it is worth providing at least additional mirror illumination.

Such illumination can be built-in: suitable models can be found, for example, in the catalogs of the Italian factory ST Luce. Most of them are not only illuminated around the perimeter with an LED strip, but also have a brightness control. With such a mirror, you can easily select the right light for both morning cosmetic procedures and evening relaxation in the bathroom.

Another option for additional lighting -Wall lights. They are selected for the general concept of the interior and are placed on both sides of the mirror sheet approximately at the level of the users’ eyes.

If you find it difficult to choose a style, stop at one of the universal options: such lamps usually have the correct geometric shape and a neutral color palette. Under such characteristics, for example, devices from Aqua-bastone collections Italian brand Arte Lamp.

Aesthetics of space organizationBathroom Design Trends 2024

Undoubtedly,plumbing fixtures are the main actors in the interior of the bathroom. However, other objects also play a significant role in arranging the space. First of all, we are, of course, talking about furniture.

Designers insist that actual bathroom furniture is one that is completely ready to adapt to the individual needs of a particular user.

When choosing furniture for yourself, carefully evaluate all the nuances of its everyday use: the convenience of fittings, features of storage compartments, the presence of useful options and additions to keep order inside the cabinets, the presence of internal lighting.

Fashion trends in the organization of space are updated annually. And every year they become more and more demanding in terms of functionality and aesthetics, even when it comes to such utilitarian spaces as the bathroom.

Come to choice plumbers and accessories to equip your bathroom in a balanced and thoughtful way, and then this room can become a real place of power, energizing you for a new day in the morning and relieving stress and fatigue in the evenings.

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