Anti-Trends In Interior Designs 2023

Anti-Trends In Interior Designs 2023People are not robots. In the interior, not only functionality and ergonomics are important for us, we want to get emotions from the living space. And if the interiors around are the same, then the range of available interior emotions is very limited. In search of new sensations, we test fresh trends and abandon outdated approaches that cause boredom. Let’s see what anti-trends in interior designs 2023, and how they can be replaced.

Style framesAnti-Trends In Interior Designs 2023

In our publications, we have repeatedly mentioned that clean styles are going out of fashion. Now the verb “go out” can already be used in the past tense.

The interior is not just a collection of objects, it should become an extension of the personality of its owner and tell its own story. We have heard this many times. And what does this mean in practice?

Not so long ago, interior design belonged to three folk favorites: loft, Provence and Scandinavian style. Their recognizable elements migrated from project to project for a long time and finally became familiar. Designers and customers are tired of red-brick walls with pipe fixtures, Scandinavian “total white” and deliberately aged textures a la the French province.

They tried to adapt boring Russian interpretations of popular styles to new trends: the loft was domesticated, reducing the degree of industrialism, Scandinavian was repainted in other colors, but in 2023, interiors with a clear style vector are finally a thing of the past.

The main sign of a fashionable interior: you want to recognize and look at it. The main symptom of the unfashionable: it looks like you’ve seen it many times before.

If earlier a quick glance was enough to determine that you have a loft, Provence or Scandi in front of you, today it’s not so easy to hang a label on a fashionable interior. It can combine elements of different styles and eras, and each such combination tries to be unique.

SamenessAnti-Trends In Interior Designs 2023

The logical continuation of the trend is the rejection of the headset and “journalism”. A fashionable interior cannot look like a photo from a furniture factory catalog.

In order for the nightstand to be combined with the bed, and the sofa with an armchair, they do not have to be representatives of the same headset. More precisely: undesirable. Such uniformity in the interior is regarded as bad form, but it is considered good to combine things into a harmonious composition that would never be found in a store.

This rule applies not only to furniture, but also to lamps and decor. Today, custom-made furniture, handmade and vintage rarities are in trend.

Pastel shadesAnti-Trends In Interior Designs 2023

Delicate pastel colors, reminiscent of marshmallows, are temporarily a thing of the past. Together with them, light “powdered” shades are losing ground. Now they have to “rest in the chest” and probably return to fashion in a few years. In the meantime, complex deep colors that evoke natural associations are in the spotlight of colorists. Even classic interiors try on complex colors.

Sophisticated shades create a bohemian vibe, look good on expensive textures, blend beautifully with brass accents and subdued lighting.

At the same time, Pantone is bringing back the fashion for pure colors that have long been on the list of anti-trends. Last year, the Color Institute chose a rich shade of yellow as its favorite, in 2023 – a bright hybrid of blue and purple.

Recognizable objectsAnti-Trends In Interior Designs 2023

Perhaps the most unexpected item in our selection. No, cult design items cannot go out of fashion, that’s why they are cult that look relevant in any decade. However, if you want a trendy interior, you should abandon the most recognizable objects that have been seen in every second project over the past few years. Think of the plastic chair or the Eames bird. Even iconic design objects sometimes need to be given a “rest”.

The world of object design is rich and varied, if you want to get into the interior of the legendary chair, sofa or lamp – choose those that have not been seen as often as the Eames chair. Then the interior will not cause the effect “I’ve seen it somewhere before.”

The same rule applies to interior clichés from the mass market. Refuse the same type of plots on posters and decorative pillows.

All the same finishAnti-Trends In Interior Designs 2023

Even those finishing materials that have risen to the status of interior classics sometimes have to adapt to changing tastes. So the white glossy “boar” cannot be called bad taste, like some outdated plasterboard structure on the ceiling at the beginning of the century, but it’s time for him to rest.

Designers do not refuse finishing classics, but rethink it. A wild boar in unusual colors is in fashion, and non-standard ways of laying standard tiles

Another example: wood texture. She is good to everyone, and definitely not going to leave our interiors. But why is it most often oak or a texture that imitates the pattern of oak? Wooden surfaces of other species and their combinations with the same oak will look more interesting and not so “blurry”.

Speaking of boring finishes, we can’t help but mention the hexagon-shaped tiles, white marble with gray veins and wallpaper with palm leaves. All these trends have demonstrated amazing vitality, but in 2023 they are starting to lose ground. White marble is replaced by its more interesting colors, hexagons give way to tiles of simple geometric shapes, and palm leaves give way to wallpaper with patterns in the form of animals, landscape panels in graphics and images of architectural elements.

Even if one of your favorites is on the list of anti-trends, you do not have to reconsider your attitude. At the end of such articles, we always remind you that fashion is a game, the rules of which can not be accepted.

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