Smart Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be considered your inner sanctum. There’s really no sense short changing yourself when it comes to sleeping comfort.

The good news is that you don’t really need to spend a lot of money for your décor. Here are a few creative ideas that might help.

The Floor

Stepping on a cold hard floor first thing in the morning can potentially ruin your day. Place a nice, cushy, and comfy rug beside the bed and do yourself a favor.

Choose a bright cheerful color for the rug. Some designers suggest a bright yellow, but it’s really up to you. A 6″ x 4″ rug will fit most bedrooms.

Lighting Matters

You don’t want really bright lights turned on in your bedroom at night. They won’t help you sleep. Choose subdued and relaxed lighting.

Match lighting fixtures with the height and other measurements of your room. You should also consider outlet locations. The guys at the store can fill you in with the options if you have the measurements ready.

Most bedroom ceilings are 8 to 9 feet tall. You need central lighting that covers all spaces. You also need lower lighting fixtures for bedside reading.

Install softer color light bulbs to change the mood of the room. You may also want to install dimmers for your brighter lights.

Curtain Calls

Curtains can have a really powerful effect on your bedroom. You need to consider the lining, length, fabric, and color among other things.

The fabric will dictate how well your curtain will function. The weight of the fabric affects how well it draws.  Sturdier materials also hold up better overtime.

Remember that sunlight will tend to make the color of any fabric to fade. Experts suggest getting neutral colors since they don’t fade easily.

The best fabrics that hang well include velvet, silk (or faux silk), and linen. To keep the heat in get tweed, tapestry, velvet, and suede.

The Mattress Matters

The most important part of your bedroom is the mattress. The quality of your mattress will dictate the way you wake up in the morning.

Get a mattress that provides firm support not just a firm feel. Try to rollover the mattress. If it’s too soft, it will be a bit difficult to do.

There are four types of mattresses popular today. Your options are (arranged by average price): open coil, memory foam, latex foam, and pocket sprung mattresses.

Sometimes you don’t need to get a new expensive mattress. To make your bed more comfy, get a mattress topper to improve the quality of your bed.

Add Drama to Your Bedroom

A few chairs that match the décor will add functionality. Don’t sit on the bed. A long chair will be great place for intimate conversations.

Just how many throw pillows do you need on your bed? Experts say you need about 2 to 6 to make everything look inviting.

A well-stocked and well-positioned night stand will also do the trick. Make sure to have a lamp, a plant in a pot, a carafe full of water, and a book or two.

Photographs or paintings on the walls can also contribute to the mood in the room. Choose elegant and calming photos of different sceneries.

Add a touch of dark yet sexy glamor to one or two bedroom walls. There’s nothing like slightly dim colored wall paint to get the job done.

Since it is your bedroom, then personalize your space. You can add a bench or table and fill it with the stuff you love – including pictures of your loved ones.

I already mentioned throw pillows. But to make things really comfy (and snugly) add a down comforter. If you want to indulge then choose an eiderdown (ultra-soft).

Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Even if a piece of furniture may look out of place, go ahead and try it. You can always change things if you want.


Your bedroom is your retreat from the world. Fill it with things that make you feel better and sleep better. Never cut corners.

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