How To Make Iced Coffee

There are numerous ways on how to make iced coffee. From that cold brewed coffee to a coffee frappe, you don’t have to worry about always going for that hot cup.

In this article, I will show you a few ways you can make an iced coffee. And yes, putting ice cubes on cold coffee is not the only way.

Coffee Frappe

If you’ve been inside at least one coffee shop, you’ll know that a Frappuccino is one type of coffee all cafes have. What many don’t know is that they don’t have to go to a coffee shop to experience such a glorious drink. If you have a blender back home then you can do this almost every day.

With a cup of freshly brewed coffee, add in crushed iced and a ¼ cup of milk. Blend this for 10 seconds until the texture becomes like that of a coarse snowball.

Add in a few teaspoons of sugar or any other flavoring you prefer and blend again until it becomes smooth. When finished, just pour it in a few glasses and enjoy your frappe!

Making Iced Coffee From Hot Brewed Coffee

When brewing your hot coffee, make sure that it’s stronger than usual. This is because you will be diluting it with ice afterwards and how strong you brew it will depend on how many ice cubes you will be adding.

If you want to add something to your coffee, such as sugar, add it now. Granules will be able to dissolve more smoothly when it’s still hot.

Pour into another glass container and let it cool down until room temperature which will take more or less an hour. Afterwards, put it in the refrigerator.

Wait for a few hours. When you feel that it’s cold enough, take out your coffee and add in a few ice cubes and milk or cream. Stir well and enjoy your glass of coffee.

Cold Brewed Coffee

If you want to skip waiting an hour for it to cool down before putting inside the refrigerator, you can try this method. This will result in a sweet, tasty iced coffee and will eliminate some of the coffee’s bitterness.

Put coarse ground coffee inside a pitcher. If you want a richer flavor, a full bodied darker roast will give you exactly that.

Pour nine cups of water into your pitcher. Cover it up and let it steep in a cold place for 12 hours.

Afterwards, separate the grounds from the liquid by straining the coffee. Use a coffee filter to decant your coffee in your desired pitcher or glass.

When served in a glass, add in a few cubes as desired and one part coffee concentrate to three parts cold water or milk. If you want to add sugar or other flavoring then you may do so.

Adding In Ice Cream

Not a fan of just adding in ice? If you want to use ice cream instead then you may do so! In just five minutes, you will be enjoying a glass of frothy cream coffee in your hands.

You will be needing 2 cups of milk, 2 scoops of your preferred ice cream, 2 teaspoons instant coffee and 1 tablespoon condensed milk.

Grab your blender. Blend all of the ingredients together until you see that you have a thick and creamy texture.

You can choose any topping you want but this usually go well with whipped cream or chocolate syrup. Serve and watch the delight in your loved ones’ eyes!

Thai Iced Coffee

Now, for something that’s completely different, you can try this Thai Iced Coffee. It’s slightly advanced but can still be easily made.

You will be needing strong black regular ground coffee, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 4 tablespoons of heavy cream, 2 teaspoons of ground cardamom, 1 teaspoon of almond extract and crushed ice.

Add in the cardamom and the ground coffee before brewing. Once it’s finished, pour your mixture in a pitcher or a tall glass.

Add in the sugar and the almond extract and stir well. Fill your glasses with crushed ice before pouring in the coffee.

You can also do a spiked version of this if you want to. Just replace the almond extract with 3 ounces Amaretto for a more adult drink.


As you can see, you don’t have to make the same old boring cup of coffee. I hope this article was able to help you how to make iced coffee and please do comment and share if it did so!

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