Best Non Stick Cookware

Moving to your new home? Then, the best non stick cookware should be on top of your list of things to buy! A good kitchen will greatly benefit from non-stick cookware, from pots to pans to griddles – and more!

Non-stick cookware is favored because it is a breeze to clean after use. Also, you protect the health of your family. Its non-stick coating makes sure that none of the substances on the cookware’s surface is transferred on to your food.

Faberware Millenium

There’s no shortage of experience in production and innovation with Faberware being a century year old. They have a solid claim for quality and durability as well. With the four excellence awards from the Army-Navy backing them up, their guarantee perhaps isn’t mere marketing.

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Being the top brand during WWII, Faberware’scookwares are far from flimsy. Its rivets can be expected to hold even with extreme use.

Despite having a manly ring to it, the Millenium cookware set makes a stylish addition to a kitchen collection with its simple yet luxuriously shiny appearance.

Those planning to replace conventional stoves don’t have to worry with buying a new cookware set, because Faberware’sMilleniumis made from stainless steel. It’s compatible with every kind, including the highly selective induction stove.

These are the qualities that also come with the stainless steel material. And it was made more effective with the set’s aluminum core.

Users who habitually cook in high heat will have a problem, however. Apart from risking overcooking thanks to its ability to retain heat, its non-stick qualities will melt away.

Also, I wouldn’t forget to throw in a couple of hot pads in my purchase. The cookware’s handles and lid handles are all metal, and it can heat as good as its body.

  • Sturdy handles and lids — good for hard, all-day, everyday use.
  • Design is simple yet stylish, makes a good addition for kitchen collections.
  • Induction stove friendly.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum core evenly distribute and retain heat.
  • Non-stick quality burns away with frequent high heat cooking.
  • Hot pads are necessary.

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Rachel Ray Hard Anodized II

The name Rachel Ray is nothing unfamiliar, being one of the most loved celebrity chefs around the world. And adding to her ingenious collection of recipes are her own brand of cookware and kitchen utensil collections which she, herself, use in her shows.

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Anodization oxidizes the aluminum surface, whereas Teflon coats the pan with a layer of silicone. Health risks due to toxic fumes given off by the latter (triggered by high heat) are therefore significantly reduced with hard anodized cookware.

Required delicateness for washing nonstick pans is no longer a concern with this set being dishwasher safe.

Unless you have a low resistance to heat, rushing to look for hot pads to lift the lid or the pan itself is no longer necessary. A specifically good feature for cooking beginners.

Tempered glass, apart from being sturdier than regular glass, is safer. Should it accidentally fall, it will only crack in tiny blunt pieces — a feature families with children will highly appreciate.

As good as it may sound, this set is not compatible with induction stoves because its bottom is anodized aluminum. Induction stove owners should instead opt for cookwares with a magnetic bottom like stainless steel.

This set is also not recommended for heavy users because as stated in their warranty limitations, it’s meant for “normal household use”. I guess despite the claims of sturdiness, users should establish limitations in using the set.

  • Anodized cookwares in general are a healthier option over nonstick ones.
  • The set is dishwasher safe.
  • Accidental burns are reduced thanks to rubberized handles.
  • Lids are made from tempered glass — a sturdy and safe material.
  • Not induction stove compatible
  • Not recommended for extreme usage

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Circulon Symmetry

Instead of scrambling to be at par with more experienced competitors, Circulon focused developments and innovations on hard anodized and nonstick cookware. And their efforts resulted to the unique combination of the two.

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Smooth Food Release: Nothing else can be expected from the uncanny marriage of hard anodized aluminum and nonstick coating. Boosted with the addition of raised circles on the cooking surface, scraping is nowentirely unnecessary.

Because of the set’s first feature, damages on nonstick coats due to simple flips and sautesare avoided, thus the freedom of users to opt for metal woks and whatnots.

Hard anodization makes aluminum far stronger than stainless steel. Dents and scratches are therefore less likely to happen despite hard use.

Despite its body being made from anodized aluminum inside and out, it’s suitable with all kinds of stove. The Symmetry set is equipped with a stainless steel bottom for induction compatibility.

If you own an induction stove, I would advise to buy a single small piece first, however, and see if the two will work perfectly together. Whether it’s the stove’s defect or the cookware’s, it’s easier to switch pans.

Another feature that may prove to be a disadvantage are the grooves. These may get in the way of stirring sauces.

  • Food slides off easily.
  • Metal utensils bring no harm on the set’s cooking surface.
  • Dents and scratches are less likely to happen.
  • Compatible with all kinds of stove.
  • Needs to be tested first on induction stoves.
  • Raised circles on cooking surface may create problems with sauces.

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Anolon Advanced

Generally, Anolon and Circulon are identical in terms of quality being sister brands. The major difference between the two literally lies on the cooking surface — Circulon has raised rings while Anolon don’t.

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Although it doesn’t release food as good as Circulon, it still gives ease in cleaning. Burnt food, for example, will come off with light hand washing and leave no trace.

Because the Advanced set’s handles are dual riveted, not only will it provide more balance, it will withstand breakage.

Anolon took this feature seriously, keeping to its guarantees and promises of being highly nonstick. And to help users maintain its beautiful bronze finish, the outside is coated as well with nonstick.

The set can be exposed to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain its solid structure. The rubber sleeves of handles won’t even melt.

Anolon’sAdvanced cookware set scratches easily. If this bothers you, extra care needs to be invested, and metal utensils should be avoided.

The set is not dishwasher safe, and this could be a problem to some. If you’re not a fan of delicate washing and caring, I wouldn’t recommend this set.

  • Stubborn food residues come off without a fight.
  • Dual riveted handles offer balance and extra sturdiness.
  • Elegant color and aesthetics is preserved by being nonstick in and out.
  • The set can withstand oven use in high temperatures.
  • Not compatible with metal utensils as it scratches easily.
  • Not dishwasher safe.

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Simply Calphalon

Hard anodizedcookwares are taking over the industry, surpassing the highly preferred nonstick pans. And it was, in fact, Calphalon that first adopted this aerospace technology, applying it on pots and pans for easier and healthier cooking.

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Heat will naturally cause water to evaporate and condense on the lids. Because the set’s glass lids are dome-shaped it allows the drops to drain on the sides, giving a clear view of the action inside.

The set’s handles don’t look too different or unusual, but the feel is more comfortable compared to most cookwares.

Being the master of hard anodizedcookwares, Calphalon could keep weights and thicknesses at a minimum without sacrificing strength and durability. Adding to comfortable handles, this makes cooking far more relaxing and fun.

Anodization closes the tiniest spaces on the aluminum surface, giving the cookware silicone-free nonstick qualities. Aside from being free of toxic fumes caused by heated nonstick coats, it gives an elegant black finish.

The set will require immense care to serve its purpose longer. Maintaining its nonstick properties means sticking to hand washing while avoiding green scrubs, and refraining from using any metal utensils and cooking spray.

If aesthetics greatly matter to you, I suggest dedicating a space for each piece, laying it over soft cloth. Stacking and hard surfaces will scratch the pieces and ruin it’s smooth black exterior.

  • Dome-shaped glass lids offer a condensation-free view of the inside.
  • Handles allow for more comfort and better grip.
  • Durable despite being lightweight.
  • Non-porous surface maintains nonstick qualities without the use of chemicals.
  • Extra care is necessary to maintain its nonstick qualities.
  • Maintaining aesthetic qualities means avoiding stacking and hard surfaces.

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