Best Drip Coffee Maker

Have you always wanted to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee? The best drip coffee maker will allow you to do so because of its programmable timer.

This coffee maker also has a great filtration to filter out the grounds and remove off-flavors from chlorine or other elements, giving you the perfect tasting coffee.

Drip Coffee Maker Reviews

Moccamaster KBT Coffee Maker

Moccamaster KBT Coffee Maker features a handmade design. It has an attractive and sturdy style. It has a brew cycle system of 5 minutes waiting time.

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Hamilton Beach Single-Serve

This single serve coffee maker from Hamilton Beach is made from stainless steel. It has a dual brewing option for versatility. It features a programmable interface.

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Braun KF7150BK Brew

Braun KF7150BK Brew coffee maker can be programmed up to 24 hours. It has an auto on/off feature. It features an extra-large LED display. It features an anti-drip system.

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Bonavita BV1800 Coffee Maker

The BV1800 Coffee Maker from Bonavita features a shower head design. It has a stainless steel finish and compact design. It has a 2-hour keep warm feature.

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Black & Decker DCM18C Brew & Go

The Black & Decker DCM18C Brew & Go coffee maker comes with an insulated mug for travel for commuters. It has a compact design. It features an easy-to-use interface.

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Cuisinart DCC-250 Brew Central

The Cuisinart DCC-250 Brew Central coffee maker has a programmable system. It has a brew-pause function for quick pouring while brewing. It features an auto-drip system.

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Bunn BT Velocity Brew

The Bunn BT Velocity Brew coffee maker has a vacuum, double-wall, insulated carafe. It keeps coffee warm for a full two hours. It has a spray-head for a complete and even coffee flavor.

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Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital coffee maker features an easy-access design. It has a programmable clock with a 2-hour auto shut off feature. It has a swing out basket with release button.

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Reasons To Have A Drip Coffee Maker

The drip coffee maker is one of the most popular choices for coffee lovers. It’s very easy to use, affordable, and mess-free. Aside from that, here are some other reasons why you should have one:

Brew multiple cups of coffee. This is ideal for homes with multiple coffee drinkers, or for morning events, formal gatherings, and meetings, as well as for workplace use.

Easy to use.All you have to do is add a coffee filter, your ground coffee of choice, then fill the reservoir with water. With the push of a button, your coffee is done.

Programmable.It being programmable makes it a fully-customized experience, giving you the option to set when you want your coffee, and more.

Excellent functions.Drip coffee makers can have a variety of extra functions including a clock, pause button, strength adjuster, coffee grinder, and permanent coffee filter.

Inexpensive.Because of its inexpensiveness and convenience, it has gained its title as the most commonly used coffee maker in America and the rest of the world.

How To Maintain Your Drip Coffee Maker

The cleaning process is quite simple, and does not require any special soaps or brushes. Here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning your drip coffee maker:

Empty your coffee maker completely. Be sure that there are no leftover grinds inside. Also, check whether there are traces of coffee in the crevices.

Put a mixture of vinegar and water into the coffee maker’s reservoir and carafe.This solution will act as an antimicrobial, keeping your machine clean even from within.

After that, you should run the coffee maker for 2 cycles. Afterwards, let the cleaning solution sit for 15-20 minutes to ensure maximum cleansing.

Empty the pot and reservoir. Get rid of the vinegar solution by flushing those parts with water. Run for 2 cycles and let it sit for 15 minutes after each cycle.

Dry the machine completely using a soft cloth. Check for any residues that you might have missed – if there are traces, clean them right away.

Safety Precautions In Using A Drip Coffee Maker

Do not use the carafe for other things other than coffee making. Putting other liquids in it or using it as a measuring cup can cause cross-contamination.

Clean the water reservoir and filter box regularly. Because the water in your coffee passes through both before making it to your cup, they should be free of bacteria.

This is important: you should store your coffee grinds/beans in a dry place. Moist environments can cause sickness-causing bacteria to grow on the grinds.

You should also store them in an airtight container to further prevent the chance of bacteria growth. Always store your coffee properly to prevent sickness and poisoning.

Be careful with handling the coffee maker when it is done with its cycle— you might get serious scalds or burns on your skin.

Do not let young children use the coffee maker. Store in a high place, and when in use, never place within reach of your children.

How To Select A Drip Coffee Maker

While there is only one type of drip coffee maker, the differences among products make choosing a bit more difficult. Here are some of the things you need to consider in choosing a drip coffee maker.

Size – Its size determines whether it can be portable or not, and whether or not you can store it properly. If you won’t be using it often, a lighter model is recommended for ease of storage.

Capacity– Take the number of people who’ll be drinking coffee into account. Aside from that, you will have to consider the frequency at which the hot beverage is consumed in your household.

Model– Do some research on which brands and models are the best for you. Understanding the specs, features, accessories and requirements of a certain model before investing in it should help in avoiding disappointment.

Practicality -One of the most important parts in finding a coffee maker is making sure it matches your skill level, or is usable enough for you.

You may also want to consider the style and color of drip coffee maker you want to buy, aside from functionality, specs, and special features.

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